Crazy tea party for Anya and Kostya:)

Really crazy tea party by the roots of magic oak tree hosted Anya and Kostya for their close associates. There was everything – false mirrors and fairy cakes and lazy chess and lawn on a table and white rabbit and hatter :) Take a walk with us through the pages of Alice in Wonderland and let there be more miracles around us :)))

Music by: Regina Spektor – Folding chair


Maria & Kien Wedding day

Real Russian wedding fun and frolic have prepared Masha and Kien for their guests! If dancing then with the Gypsies, if music then folk one, if celebrating then with friends from all over the world. In general if you gonna light it up – do it in an outstanding manner with all your soul and in a Russian way!

Music by: Bruno Mars – Just the way you are


50s of XX century

Journey through time? For true love everything is possible! Together with guys and designer Taisia Kirtsova we tried to imagine how did Moscow look back in ’50s. And I think we’ve got a splendid retro love-story!

Music: Soundtrack to “Cry-Baby” and “Back to the Future”


Wedding at the ranch. Do you think it is possible in Texas only? How wrong you are! As it turned out near Moscow there are cowboys too. Newly-weds decided to have a real western wedding, so designer Taisa Kirtsova and ranch “Adventurist” helped them to make that wish to come true.

Music by: Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

Wedding for two

Tree-lined boulevards, wrought iron fences, cosy cafes and enormously in love with each other couple. It seems like you can hear accordion sounds. This is not the capital of France though! It’s Moscow again. A slideshow of their tender wedding walk, bride and groom have prepared especially for their first anniversary among close friends.
Music by: Garou “Sous Le Vent” (Garou & Celine Dion) and “Le Balcon” (from “Romeo and Juliet” musical)


Misha + Natasha

A love story is what they will talk about most at the wedding. So why not to show your guests how it all started? This love-story we shot before the wedding and shared with close friends and relatives on the wedding banquet. Music by: Frankie Valli – Can’t take my eyes off you

Wedding day for Alice and Ilya

As you may have noticed I often shoot the real stories. But sometimes there are just romantic weddings where in the centre of the universe is always beautifully dressed bride with her most important man and yet more flowers, cars and of course a music chosen by the sweet couple specifically for that day!

Music by: Troy & Gabriella “Everyday” (Instrumental)