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Hello,I am Vera (Faith) Klokova, photojournalist who loves people and really appreciates true beauty of emotion as in the portrait photography so in the catching a moment by the tail. The diagonal compositions, rapid perspectives, harmonious filling of the frame and expressive richness this is what distinguishes my work. I can see and appreciate genuine feelings and emotions this is what I love and know how to show on my pictures. The main thing I want to gain is to create in viewers a sense of participation in what they see by means of my alive and emotionally saturated images. 

During the happiest moments of your life I will be pleased to be around in order to keep in memory all the nuances of that important and unique but alas transient and fleeting miracle. Preferring a reporting style I always pay attention to what is hiding in the bustle of a long day, and often behind the scenes: anxious mom’s smile, provocative bridesmaids conversation, airy child laughter, impish smirks of married friends … By means of my camera I capture the juiciest moments those bright sparks of joy that as a fun shower dissolves in the sky, those which composes a sensation of holiday, sincerity of your feelings, beauty of love, moments of harmony and peace. It is important for me that after time have passed flipping through your photo album you would again and again plunge into the events of that day, tenderly looking in the eyes of you relatives and beloved ones and would enjoy the fleeting beauty…

At this stage of my creative work, I mostly do eventful and producing reportages, kids and family pictures. In general I love to picture people and everything that is related to their lives, relationships and occupation ;)

And there is one thing more… I do believe that BEAUTY will save the world!

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Interviews with me:

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