Tanya and Leonid



Dreaming of a perfect wedding I like many others imagined water meadows with flower arch, beautiful wedding ceremony under it and jazz band playing my favorite songs, elegant banquets where our close friends and relatives have fun. That is why before, when I was told that wedding for two is a magical event, I did not believe …

You know what! Wedding for two is one of the best inventions of mankind I shall tell you!

Just imagine…without any hassle the day before you check in a country hotel with light heart you go to sleep at night and next morning calmly wake up.

Meet for coffee with stylist (well it’s a wedding after all it is necessary to look good) and enjoy the morning sun and the breeze while nice person entertains you with a pleasant conversation styling your hair and putting on make-up!

What’s next? Whatever you want! Breakfast pastries? Here they are! To squeeze a local cat? Yes, for God’s sake!

To go boating with your beloved one, taking a yacht, swinging in a hammock, singing and dancing, reading French literature in the shade on the grass and a lot of other beauty!

And do not forget to invite the photographer so that many years on to experience these wonderful moments, looking through the wedding album!