Sveta and Nicolay



Hi, Vera,

Pictures are absolutely stunning! We knew you are professional and we can rely on you and expected in to be enchanting… but presented by you CD (in that charming pink envelop with white ribbon, logo and “made with love”) gave us so many pleasant emotions!

You can’t even imagine how difficult it was to remain strong waiting Nicolay to come back home and not to open envelop with CD until that moment)))))))) but I was adamant and patient! When envelop was opened a picture on CD made us smile)))) That was cool!

It seemed like our Mac is foully and inexcusably long was opening your CD. We even got time to swear on it, then got horrified that on my way I could degauss the CD and got lots other silly thoughts. And how nice it was to breath out seeing as it supposed to be two folders – Print and Web )))))))))) There was not sign of patience any more so we didn’t open Print folder as it would take too much time and started watching Web one.

And here came all the excitement and tears (you have already noticed what a sentimental weepers we are) and surprise that exceeded all our expectation. We are so realistic on that pictures so vivid, happy and stunning (despite of me being so “iced-up” on the wedding day)! Vera, it is a real delight! Explosion! And long, tedious expectation of pictures was rewarded with a vengeance!

We looked through those pictures back and forward no less that 10 times! Where the first run-through accompanied with laughter, exclamations of ” heigh-ho,” “unbelievable”, “look at this” and “wow!” And only then we started to note the favourite to each of us pictures! And there are so many of those! That’s amazing!
A friend of ours who we showed our album said that it won’t be embarrassing to show these pictures even after 50 years and not only to grandkids but to everybody!!! ))))) Is not this the best compliment? We once again got convinced that we made the right choice calling you to be with us on that day knowing that you will be able to convey our emotions, our joy and our happiness! Thank you for your sensitivity, calmness and professionalism! Thank you for sharing with us our happiness and an ability to show that day as we saw it)))))))))) THANK YOU! you are a MARVEL!

Bride’s full review: The remaining days before the wedding flew by. Vera was cheering me up with her full of positive letters effectively pacifying my nervous which by that time got quite lose. And separate thanks for her unobtrusive, but kind and pleasing in a good way and so needed at that moment support! Then Day X has come. I surprisingly slept wonderfully. Were cheerful and pleased with myself. The first to arrive were girls who should help with make-up, but (there is no way we could pass without that “But” ) Moscow morning traffic jams had done its part, you know … So Vera arrived first, surprising punctual (despite the traffic) and with a huge backpack! It is really huge! And there are so many interesting things: lenses, an incredible number of wires, batteries, and a bunch of other gadgets that I don’t even know how to call … This is something!

Vera has her own very special viewpoint. And it’s not just about static things, but also about people. Vera first looked around the hotel room, where the day started, then examined me it seemed like me in that surroundings. Then she began to aim the camera lens at different objects and at me. And she did it at times on completely unimaginable angles. By the way, for the unusual perspective for the vision of objects and people from unusual angles and in uncommon circumstances I fell in love with Vera’s works.
It was a “milky” morning on the street with no fuss in the room, and I was exceptionally calm and quite. Looking at the pictures you can say that even sad. This apparently was affected by nervousness.

Taking into consideration that we were moving towards that day excruciatingly long, emotions have beaten over the edge! We cried with happiness as could not believe that it was happening, that I was wearing white dress (it’s crazy – I, an opponent of the marriage, the bride in a white dress!) and Nikolay who wears jeans always and everywhere in costume. Vera caught lots of our touching signs, gestures, and tears of joy in our eyes.
How nice it is to look at picture, to recall and once again to experience those pleasant exciting moments! When we left the hotel where Vera despite of milky fog outside could take some unique in its beauty and extravagance pictures. I finally saw a car-surprise. It was a sky-blue Deluxe 1954 Plymouth Savoy. With white wheels)))))) Very unusual!

Driving around Moscow we felt like stars. Windows in the car are actually quite big and interior is easily visible. Car itself has attracted a lot of attention. And with us so beautiful inside it just made people take their phones out and take and take pictures))))))
We laughed so much after getting official papers in Vital Records Office and acquiring status (ho-ho!) of husband and a wife, held and raised our hands and shouted “Yesss!!!!We did it!” Vera’s calmness failed and she said: “Fooly kids” smiling at that with her incredibly charming smile! How great it was! And what a girl, catching with her professional eye and kind heart, she got it what exactly should be captured!

Some of the pictures are just priceless as few moments of that day we managed to forget. For example in the registry office facing the sugary-monotone mumbling lady who registered us we, judging by the photos, were frankly hoot with laughter at something! But we still can not recall what it was all about! But there is a evidence in pictures =)))))

By the 13 of September it was already quite cold in Moscow, Indian summer has just started. And I felt freezing cold in my cool summer dress. There was no desire to drink champagne we’ve got. I dreamed of something warm instead, a fur coat and cognac for example =) But I had to be content with my Sweetheart hugs and runs (by the way THANK YOU so much for those runs as if not them I’d have become if not a snow queen then an ice sculpture). And as well there was a very scary and at the same time very funny moment. Vera made us lay down on the parapet (I think that’s how it called) where, if you look down your head is spinning. I can say I am a coward but at that moment I’ve got quite scared. But glamorous photos we’ve got at the end were worth it! It was a beautiful, exciting and happy day! Even capricious Moscow autumn weather gave us a gift! Previous two days were completely rainy and added some worries. But when we went down, don’t even know for sure, from which 40–th or even 50–th floor where we were sitting naturally in the cloud, to the street it turned out to be sunny! And pictures by the registration bureau got out just wonderful)))))))) And blossomed in mid-September dandelions better that anything emphasized our mood – vernal joyful and airy fairy !

And Vera with her enthusiasm, endless ideas and unobtrusiveness was the perfect complement to our happiness! Saying good-bye I wanted so much to take her with us as after about 12 hours, the magnificent Maldives were expecting us. Neither she nor I had any objections. She could have made lots of incredibly beautiful photos. This is perhaps our only false step on the wedding.

All-in-all everything was perfect! And main proof are photos)))))))) Thank you Vera for who you are! Take care of yourself for us, all of your clients, friends and relatives! Once your motto, as far as I remember was “Beauty will save the world” and this is a true statement! And you Vera are a person who has this beauty and can create it! You know Vera, when it’s hard, or something bothers me or I just get little bit sad, I look through our wedding pictures made by you with love and I start to feel better all the fuss is less of an issue and it makes me smile. Thank you for the beauty and harmony that you bring with you works! A friend of ours, was quite sceptical about the idea of our wedding for two +photographer especially after finding out the price of your services, after looking at our album said that we did everything right, and our pictures will not be a shame to show in 50 years and not only to our grandkids and great-grandchildren but to everybody! ))))))))) It’s hard to disagree with him! And all of this is thanks to you, Vera! THANK YOU!