Snezhana & Vladimir



About two years ago (can’t believe it’s been so long ago) my close friend by profession and vocation told me that he had found a photographer for his own wedding!

– Wow! – I said, – Are you getting married?!

– Not yet, but I know what I want! Just imagine those pictures are awesome! Delicate, tender, not standard, realistic! One very talented girl takes them! Her name is Vera name, just forgot her last name I will send you a link …

– Ok, go ahead, I do not need it yet but it might be useful for the future …

Such conversation between this and then, in the future, as it turns out, solved one of the biggest challenges that couples face trying to find the very only photographer!

You won’t believe how surprised I was following the link … Vera Klokova?!! I could not believe it! Just sat there with my eyes widely open and looked at the girl that sat in another department behind the glass office partitions! That was crazy! Wow! Unbelievable? Well, I was told that Vera loves walking on the forests and the fields, collecting wallpapers for a desktop, but tell me who does not like this)

Fortune? Coincidence? – Destiny!! =))) And my mom has the same name …)) That was Just fate!)

And then with Vera’s light hand I won the football fans photo competition and we secured premier place for our Bank! And this is despite the fact that all picture were taken in the office between flower pots but they were so vivid and stunning that even the jury had no doubt who the winner was))

Verunchik thank you for being so great and helping poor exhausted newly-weds with your firm composure, smile, practical advice, unconventional ideas! Wish you a creative growth, beautiful and original couples and good health! Because with such rhythm of life can live only a person who is in love with his work, the name of which is Photography!