Sergey and Oxana



First time I’ve seen Vera’s pictures was 4 years ago. That was her album Indian Fairytale

I was delighted with those pictures. First of all I never thought that a photographer can go with a couple anywhere they might desire to have their wedding. Secondly at that moment I lived in Ukraine and straight away had a thought how great it was that Vera would be able to come here should I decide to marry. I even wrote her a letter with my questions

After 4 years I met my happiness my beloved man. After naming the day we started to think about a photographer. My choice straight away fell right on Vera. After showing couple of pictures to my fiance , we both came to the conclusion that Vera is the one we need. Her pictures are so realistic that you feel that couple is about to continue their way, bride does not stop spinning and guests will happily greet just married couple.

Now my husband and I are happy owners of lovely photos, thank you Vera for the fairytale that you presented us. You are superb!

Sorokin Sergey & Oxana