Sasha & Elina



Beauty is fleeting.

As is fleeting butterfly’s life.

Some moments of our lives are like these butterflies – beautiful, slight, rapid and ephemeral, shimmering in the sun are flashing by, teasing leaving, colourful winged pollen on the tip of the nose.

And it is just impossible even to try and catch and clench it in your fist – time and beauty leave in our hands only dust and rot …

Capturing these delicate moments can only be entrusted to an experienced catcher of seconds, minutes and moments.

Especially if you know that there will be no other moments like this for catching butterflies.

Before the wedding you know that for sure.

Catcher of my butterflies I was searching for almost eight months. Day by Day. During those months the excitement from searching process turned into routine, routine into work and work into disappointment. All I saw on the wedding photos was banal, vulgar, usually sugary, tasteless, boring … And – artificial.

Everybody who pretended to be a skilled hunter offered only lifeless, plastic, cellophane, paper insects. Sometimes even far from usual cabbage butterfly.

Disappointed in this type of art, driven by the approaching date I had identified several entomologists. Their butterflies were real, true and sometimes alive. I was offered a whole collection of bright and colourful insects. All of them were firmly pinned to black velvet and were dead.

A link for Vera’s page, that I’ve got from a wonderful Life Journal girl creator of jewelleries, I did not even open for a month. Tired of disappointments. Tired of myself and my “unrealistic” demands. I just wanted the photos to be beautiful and true. I wanted to see flesh and blood on pictures. I would like to recognise myself on them in the future. Myself and not a photographer view on weddings in general and me in principle. The thing was that I wanted to get interested in the pictures – if it is interesting to review pictures of complete strangers then the photographer managed to capture the most important thing!

We were close to deadline and One Very Important Person said that in the morning we were booking a photographer, period. And if I had not chosen one he would make a deal with one he considered better. And my theory about minutes and butterflies in his plans was not mandatory and fundamental.

Once again I looked at the list of all entomologists whose butterflies seemed to be not so hopeless dead, at least at first glance. And to complete purity of the experiment opened the link to some photos of the Vera Klokova ….

I never went to bed that night

I looked and looked and looked !!!

I looked at the living, pearl, flying and shining happiness of unknown strangers. Looked as if opened one box by another and from them let out real alive butterflies!

I then reviewed Vera’s photos for thousand times and a sense of novelty, interest, and enthusiasm have never dissolved

How we met with Vera is a separate funny story because we chatted with her till after midnight, and then were leaving for our places so excited that forgot two pairs of dance shoes in the restaurant.

Vera apart from being a brilliant photographer is a wonderful person and in addition is a real beauty.

The remaining time before the wedding whatever happened I repeated to myself – even if car will not arrive or a banquet will be cancelled or we will be late to the registrar office or will forget rings and passports or there will not be enough time to fit the dress I will still have THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER!

And though nothing of above-mentioned have not happened at the wedding day I’ve got completely convinced that photographer is genius!

With Vera it feels incredibly comfortable. By some magic you stop paying attention to the ever-staring lens. It seems that at the wedding we stopped noticing not only the lens but the photographer herself I still have pure feeling that we were alone just two of us… And its worth a lot.

Well, and I should not even mentioned that if Vera Klokova photos I watched all night, from our own ones I could not turn away for almost a day. And frankly speaking I still review them every day as if releasing a box of colourful, shivering their iridescent wings butterfly swarm.

Beauty as the most important moments of our life is fleeting. Fleeting like a butterfly.

Only an experienced Butterfly Catcher can catch them without damaging the wings.

Vera is a real Butterfly Catcher who can keep the beauty alive.

I believe that beauty will save the world. As well thanks to such Captures