Oxana & Eugine



I have not even thought about marriage, but was already told –
“You will have a photographer!”
My friends all summer long tortured me with questions when would we have a fling for what I made excuses that I didn’t know as had not been proposed yet and moreover the photographer is booked until November. After seeing Vera’s pictures on her webpage I realized that I do not want another photographer.

I know my agile facial expressions and what happens with those who can not take <> portraits and specializes in static formal images. And I resisted all attempts to advise me of other masters.

Our decision to have wedding in winter surprised some of our friends (cold weather, sleet, snow and so on and so worth) but I was really pleased about it. Most probably it could not happen other way. My parents had wedding in February and in a year I was born also in February. And our wedding date we’ve chosen between our birthdays on 5th of February. We though it over a lot, my future husband made some calculation on a piece of paper, worried that this date could get on a weekday … But when the final decision was taken I realized that I wanted my wedding to be on that day and no other. So special February month turned out to be. And proposal I still got – by breakfast in the cafe where we dropped in after longing an application to Griboedovskyi Registrars office. My future husband as always was thinking too long :)

Then there was a long search of attires, matching colours, designs of dresses, fittings, arrangements … And it is so good that for our first meeting Vera called wedding planner.

Girls advised us stylist and florist, discussed with us ideas and details, colours and accessories, even scheduled wedding day. Together we have come up with such brilliant images so that during our photo session people on the street could not take their eyes of us, foreigners were taking their cameras out and passers-by asked in which journal they could see these pictures and if this was a real wedding.

And the nature smiled with us. Before this week the temperature was around zero all melted down, white snow turned to mud but then it started getting colder and the air was thick with snow and on our wedding day weather was sunny with minus 15ºC outside! And white-white snow laid all around! Yes I love winter especially such kind with sun and light frost. Which we did not even notice as we felt so good. This is Vera’s merit as well as she amused us and the whole photo session :)

And despite the fact that I mostly like the idea of the ceremony on the beach our wedding was the wedding one can only dream of! I would not change a minute on that day.