Natasha & Anton



Hi, Vera.

It’s about two months that I want to thank you but can’t do it due to my endless business trips …

For me personally photos on the wedding were the key point as it is something that can help to keep memories alive. I look at the photos again and again and each time plunge in our happiness. Could it be otherwise? Of course not! So thank you for the fact that we have these vivid memories.

It is so cool that there so many pictures and I can not even imagine what a titanic work it was to process them all. Each of it! They are just asking to get sorted in a thick photo book now :-)

Special thanks – for my Toshenka :-) Now I have so many of his great portraits to look at again and again !

What else did I like…I liked that there were so many different scenes while our rather limited walk (even as desired those herbs and flowers got in the lens!), moments from “Banquet”, my hairstyle :-) (I think are better than were in reality) and the best ever moment which in my memory remained as the most beautiful part of the day was the moment when we went out the registrar’s office. I knew that there would be petals and confetti but for some reason it was still unexpected. Or I should say, I did not expect it to bring so many emotions and that it would be so beautiful! That moment when we went out and got under a sprinkle of brightly coloured pieces was the moment when I felt myself very very happy! And of course, those pictures are the most precious for me.

I hope that our wedding has left positive emotions in your heart as well and not just memories of hard working day. I wish you continued success. You have a rare talent to make real shots, to catch a beauty on your pictures. We will keep watching over you success in photography!

And once again I want to say that what you have done for us one can not buy for any money, so HUGE gratitude from us!

Natasha and Anton