Maxim and Karina



Our approach to the wedding preparation was very responsible. We’ve conscientiously looked at works of a dozen professional photographers. Some of which we liked, some did not, but trouble was that there were about 15-40 very nice pictures among 400-500 photos and on all other ones you could see signs of fatigue, aloofness on faces of new-weds and / or people around them, or bad camera angles, sometimes figures just looked not very good or smile seemed strained.

Vera we recalled by accident. She was a photographer on our friend’s wedding over a year ago. At that moment when we looked at their pictures, and even though our marriage was not in our minds yet, photos got deep in our souls with their inner light and singularity.

Each person has something beautiful in his soul. Vera, in addition to her ability to make a great composition, arrange the light and get an idea, technically and creatively to process a shot, has a rare talent – she knows how to catch mood and emotions. Emotions of happiness, joy and warmth. Reflected on people’s faces they make all the pictures look very beautiful though in life its just ordinary people. And this can not be done by Photoshop or other programs. When we look at our wedding photos it seems that we again can see members of our families and friends the same as they were on the wedding day – far away from the concerns and happy for us, we see that they are genuinely happy and having fun.

Ability to make such pictures is a talent of born photographer and this is love for people.

Karina and Maxim