There are not accidents in the world, it’s for sure. When you want something very much, life begins friendly to help you.

I found Vera in LJ, so with photographer there was no problem of choice – she was just beyond competition. I simply looked though her works and decided that she was the one to take our pictures.

We initially had a lot of ideas, wedding promised to be unusual (and how else it could be if it is a wedding of two jazz musicians!) and it was very important that the photographer would get infected by these ideas and share them with us. After meeting Vera there were no doubts left at all – she was our person its got clear straight away!

It is very easy to be photographed by Vera as she has a precious quality for the photographer – to dissolve, not to attract too much attention to herself, to create a natural atmosphere, as if you’ve been friends for 15 years! You’re living your life, laughing, talking about stupid things, making faces and smiling and humble person with a huge camera in her hands at this time makes the best shots of your life!

While riding on the tandem rattling with cans, passing-by people were breaking in a smile, people been shouting, cars honking, others were taking pictures on their mobile phones, and we laughed and waved at them! It was a miracle! When we arrived to our guests, they were so shocked that almost forgot to throw in the air a pile of coloured paper airplanes as a sign of our arrival! That followed by lots of music, light, warm words! And all of this remained with us thanks to Vera and her amazing skills!

Vera, you know everything :) we love you! and always look forward to seeing you on our concerts! Hurray!!

Maxim and Alina