Masha and Pasha



15 minutes before the end of the day we were sitting in the office of the Head of Registrar trying to explain that we need to get married quickly, preferably at that very day. Waiting for two months was out of question! Pretty woman who had seen many of such cases, first firmly said NO but then again looked at us with shining eyes, waved her hand and held out a piece of paper for application.

It was a wedding, planned for 2 weeks and organized for 5 days. Therefore, we did not have the traditional long preparation, endless review of photographer’s portfolio and nagging choice. The original idea of a holiday for two person easily turned into a completely magical day during which we have got enough time to be alone, to fill up centre of Moscow with red ping-pong balls, drive along the quays in wonderful retro convertible kissing on the fly and making funny faces, and to gift a bunch of smiles to by-passers.

We actually did not plan to invite a special photographer for shooting, because most of our friends are real fotomaniacs. Besides, my husband is a photographer, who does not like staged “sweet” photos, preferring to catch the moments of real life with camera. But looking trough the newsfeed couple days before the wedding, I once again came across Vera’s magical wedding pictures, who we’ve met once at our friends wedding. Eventually I could not resist and immediately wrote a letter.

After that everything was going on swiftly as it was “Desired”. With her busy shooting schedule Vera appeared to be free on our Friday and after couple of days, upon arrival to the registry office, we’ve been attacked by a crowd of paparazzi and Vera pictured us for the whole day! Camera flashes and public attention was a great preparation for a stellar career :)

Weather originally forecasted as rainy with 4 degrees above zero turned into a crystal clear warm autumn day of our favourite red shades and a cosy evening on the terrace at the Botanical Garden with beloved friends. We’ve been swimming in the leaves and dancing under sound of live jazz music, smoking hookahs and drinking sambuca, enjoyed each other and thanked our destiny for this gift. In the morning the feeling was that our bodies have been filled with a lot of incredible heat and solar energy. Vera managed to notice it, grasp it at the tail and clearly show on her pictures. They are really alive and this is the main magic of photos!