Masha and Dima



Our meeting was accidental … All our life consists of accidents. These are the first lines of our invitation cards. And that is how I want to start expressing gratitude to this wonderful person and truly professional!

Looking for a photographer for my friend’s wedding I did not even think that very soon and I might need such professional for myself. I got lost among the variety of photographers in the Internet … and got already upset because I only saw beautiful pictures (and sometimes even awful), but I could see feelings on then. Many thanks to a wonderful girl Margarita who showed me Vera’s photos. And I fell in love! I fell in love with these masterpieces as her work is not just a photo it is a piece of soul, sensitive soul which is capable to have feelings! And this is so important that while looking at the picture you can feel what is imprinted on it.

And when my Dima proposed to me, I understood that I was looking for a photographer for My wedding. And it was an awesome feeling!

And when I’ve showed him Vera’s pictures he got also fascinated by them. Because it is impossible to resist such a talent. So the matter of searching a photographer for him has dropped by itself (I have dropped it straight away.)

Our life really consists of accidents. And in spite of the fact that our meeting with you Vera was accidental and short after it remained the most valuable for us thing – the joy of our soul, one soul for two as we together are a single whole and you felt it. Thank you for this precious gift! And this is what will stay with us forever …