Lena&Stas (Israel)



Looking through the local (Israel) wedding photos market I realized that none of photographers made an impression on me. All the pictures were taken on regular places, in usual poses, with strained smiles, tortured faces so all the same and I wanted something extraordinary, new, vivid….

I came across Vera by accident just got on her page on LJ and remained there. Vera’s pictures convey tenderness, mood, emotions, romance and love. She can find and emphasise something special in each couple. This is what lots of photographers are missing. Looking at her pictures you can catch yourself wishing to repeat it all one more time. And it feels like wedding again!

I’ve asked if she was ready to come to Israel to take pictures on our wedding. And she agreed…. I was little bit worried about how Vera will deal with other traditions, which kind of pictures we would get at the end of the day and in addition parents pressed on me for inviting a photographer from Russia and it turned out that I worried for nothing. Vera is not just a good photographer she is a sorceress! She is not pressing the button just to take certain number of shots she puts her heart into each picture. We were so delighted when received CD with photos. No words pure delight! We like it immensely!!

Vera, thank you so much for your work and for the joy that you’ve presented us. And thanks LJ for acquaintance