Lena and Maxim



We’ve been looking at pictures till late at night when first got CD. One round by another and could not stop watching! Honestly, we are so thrilled! The result exceeded all expectations! We got what we wanted – for all 200%. And even more because that was not just a wedding photography that was wedding story: there are stylized beautiful pictures as we wanted, and pictures that show different moods, gentle and realistic ones that reflect the dynamics of the holiday and just classic – group photos and images with friends – pictures that might look usual but they are incredibly warm and those are sine qua non of any album moreover they are very appreciated.

It was so nice to see so many good portraits of people close to us! You caught ambience of the holiday, overall smile and common inspiration. All who looked through pictures noted that they are very bright; photos have trembling, exciting pleasure and solemnity sense. It is impossible to take your eyes of them – pictures are so easy and interesting to be looked at that it’s hard to believe there are 500 of them. And you want another five hundred! ;-)

Vera, thank you so much. You made a marvellous gift to me and Max.