Lena and Alex (Pokrov)



After looking thought the photos for probably fortieth time during those few days I sat down to write a review. Not because I had to but because I want to say thank you very much! So simple but very important words.

Pictures are magical and there is nothing to add! They are extensional and shiny! It seems that clouds are about to move further in the sky and a person on the picture is about to wink or turn his head. This all makes it so realistic so” true” that thanks to these photos I again and again go through that day.

And day was wonderful, largely thanks to you. You (and many “Vera’s” brides would agree with me) are simply a real catch. If not you the wedding would have been a standard, bland treat for guests. But actually it turned into our personal and very joyful wedding. It passed in one breath! Cheerfully, interesting and as is visible on the pictures very beautiful! I am very pleased that this important celebration was in such good hands!

And yet I wish to express my appreciation for your human not professional qualities. Thanks to your confidence that everything will be fine, your ability to distract from worries, I was surprisingly calm I felt more excited than worried and that’s great. These feelings made it possible to enjoy that day, to fully live every minute of it.

So thank you wonderful, sweet, kind and very talented person named Vera Klokova! :)

Lena and Alex