Kate and Perry



I found Vera on my friends recommendations, looked at the pictures on LiveJournal and realized that we needed this particular photographer for such beautiful and important day.

I note that from the very beginning it was very easy and pleasant to communicate with Vera. She even agreed to go to Switzerland to shoot our wedding …)

Probably I should start by saying that I hate being pictured!

Never take photos even on vacation, only if my husband wants to take some photos, it’s fine with me.

At the wedding it was the same just there I realized that I had to pose anyway.

As a result I had enough of posing in maximum an hour so I was convinced that there would not be lots of pictures.

When Vera gave me 2 CDs with 1000 pictures I was to say the least surprised.

After looking though them I realised that real talent of a photographer is to take outstanding colourful and realistic pictures!

To be able to capture a moment… Vera succeeded in it perfectly well!

Photos are very lively and they retell you our most important day as a colourful story with a plot.

Vera, thank you very much for such a sincere approach and excellent work!

I will recommend you to friends and acquaintances!