Gleb and Natasha



At first Natasha’s review:

(Vera! Verochka! Verunchik! )) I have not seen the pictures yet, but I want to say! :)

I really enjoyed working with you! to be in the crosshair of your lens) and I don’t regret a bit that
a) we (or more truly Gleb decided and) we’ve chosen you
b) few years ago on somebody’s friends page I came across your picture from Indian wedding with avatarkali and I realized that I want you to shoot my wedding.
At the moment I only saw three photos on the cover and inside the box …

when you gave me the disc I’ve put in a bag and in 5 feet got it out … and walked to the subway smiling and looking at us so beautiful, happy and outstanding! On the escalator again I took the box out and examined it the Tretyakov station I nearly missed the stop and left for the station Rechnoi voksal in the opposite direction from my house)

I just mean I am so happy )) thank you! Wish you wealthy clients and self-perfection! and most important – be happy!)

No Gleb’s review

Vera….She is so special. And her works are the same.

She charms you from the first sight with her joy of life, enthusiasm, positive attitude, sparkling ideas. Such approach relaxes future newlyweds for this part of the wedding hassle.

Easygoing for a contact and spouting with ideas, and at the same time unobtrusive, unsatiated photographer, isn’t what you need? : -) Those moments that were not contrived in advance (any pre-prepared shots, a story about couple) are being invented in the process with a bang!

And what you get in the end in the wedding book is without doubt an excellent result. It’s nice to look through Vera’s works again and again scrutinizing what she saw through the lens on your Most Important Day.

There are plenty of photographers in Moscow especially the wedding ones … How can you pick one? We were lucky.

We were lucky once upon a time to stumble on her LJ page and since then not to have any doubts that she is exactly what we need. And from me personally not for review but in general).

Thank you very much, that you accommodated the costs while discussion as wedding is always quite an expensive event, especially when you pay for it by yourself :) Thanks for the easiness with which the photographing process was going on, it was very nice, taking into consideration that these days for us were quite tense, and celebration at times is more for friends and family, than for just married. Thank you for the wonderful florist ;) and it is so great that Nata could make a dress for Taisiya))) someone above definitely helped us in difficult moments of preparation of all of this. I wish you more interesting projects and new places on the map to be captured on your pictures!

Regards, Gleb Lebedinsky