Anya and Lev



When I saw Vera’s pictures I realised straight away “This is what I want!” so for me issue with photographer was solved – Vera and Only her! Then told my future husband that I’ve found a photographer. O Boy!!! What happened next! We’ve been arguing for two days. About the fact that he did not want to take any pictures as he had no intension to walk and ape, to do something on order, he had seen it all five weddings he visited and knew perfectly well what was this process about and so on and so worth. Finally after a bucket of my tears we agreed on calling Vera and finding out how this all worked. Vera this charming and smiling girl proposed us to take pictures before registrar office without any guests in order not to put anybody in a flurry.
Lev was delighted with this offer. See – he said – what smart people say not what you do!
The most amazing thing was that when I looked through the pictures I could not remember when all of it had happened. When Vera managed to catch those moments! We’ve been just laughing walking and making fun all the time. It was so easy, comfortable and calm and no need to tense over anything… Strange as it is but Lev felt the same! Later he told me that liked the process of photographing!!! And this, my friends, is a something; if he is satisfied then it’s worth getting!:)))) So, I am very delighted with Vera and pictures. And my husband says – That he did a great job finding such an excellent photographer and arranging everything that turned out so marvellous!:)))
We recommend her to all! And I like most when the preparation process gets captured:))) So all of this was a great fun%))) Anzhur