Anna & Denis (London)



Almost a year ago following the link in LJ I came across Vera. I started to review her pages on LJ. Began obtaining further insight into the wedding photography. And slowly a desire to get married started to stick to me. So for the decision to get married I blame completely on Vera :-)) The next day after we decided to get married with Dennis I said that I had two conditions: retro car and Vera as a photographer. :-) Though we still for a while meticulously studied the whole wedding photo market and prepared short-list but then again came to a clear choice – it should be Vera. From the very first email we like her on one hand for her humanly pleasant attitude and on other hand for her professional and creative openness.

London photo session went in one breath. Three of us just played, had fun and walked around London and at the end of the day got great pictures that amazed each and every of our guests at the wedding. Vera invented scenes, camera angles, stories, pleasing and infecting us with her creativity. A bridal session was even more fun, more playful, more relaxed. Despite the nervous atmosphere at the wedding day and the rain that was pouring all day long and ruined all our plans for taking photos in the park. Vera worked in such manner that we were absolutely sure that pictures would come out the way we wanted them to be. And it turned out that on photos rain was not even visible and one can see only our emotions, very real and not simulated. And when the wedding itself started Vera suddenly became invisible but this had not stopped her from making a fabulous report of the whole night.

In general I certainly am SO delighted with the photos. Thank you! Denis is getting tired of me talking about at all the time. Leaving the reviews apart, you know Vera, as a matter of fact you without any doubt is for us a person of year 2007. I’m so glad it worked out that way: that Dennis so easily agreed to invite you, that we spontaneously came up with the idea of wearing costumes that you came to visit us in London, that you recommend the stylist Alexey and operator Sveta, that we went to the Hermitage and Novodevichy monastery, that photos were processed just in time for my birthday. There is no need even to mention that you are always welcome in our house :-)) Anyway, keep in mind that you’re already occupied for my pregnancy photo session and then a baby one – wait for email in couple of years. ;-)

Anya and Denis