Anna and Andrew (Hawaii)



“Long long time ago, when God has already played enough with the Universe and threw it under the bed, on the master’s negligence from the heavenly paradise a piece fell off and fell it into the Pacific Ocean. This is how Hawaii appeared .” (C)

For a long time I raved about the Big Island and wanted to escape from the routine of everyday life to its sunny black and green beaches… But time passed and in view of departure from the United States this dream got further and further from us. Needless to say that when the circumstances of our future wedding turned out in such a way that allowed to combine formal registration in the United States with a symbolic ceremony in this heavenly place, I was the happiest bride? :) To say “Yes” to your beloved one on the island where the blue sky ocean washes solidified lava, great White Mountain sleeps on the horizon and sea turtles may turn to be an occasional guest on your holiday – Is it possible to dream of more than that?

“Yes it is» – we decided and invited my favourite photographer and a wonderful person to be the “eyes” of our holiday :) I must confess Vera that up to the last moment I thought that most probably our date is already taken and considered your arrival from Russia as something unattainable. The better it was to get in reply to our letter such keen response full of genuine interest and creative ideas. Generally I would wish all your future couples not to be afraid to Dream and fulfil those desires because when else they should come true if not on this particular day? :)

Looking back now I do not see any other person next to us but Vera. Thank you for having supported us in trying to “grasp the immensity” and conquer really huge island just in 5 days, thank you for being close as a friend, photographer and even florist, under water and above the clouds, always smiling and charging tired newlyweds with your inexhaustible energy :)

Special thanks for our farewell adventure, memories of those dances and costumes still cause a smile, because you’ve managed to open borders and talents which we in ourselves did not suspect to have :) It’s a pity that preparations for the wedding was so chaotic that we could not organize more comfortable trip together, it’s a pity that we did not manage to get to the volcanoes and to the luau … but how cool is it that we found each other, met and did what we did! :)

When we saw the first pictures it seemed that all of this happened with another couple so incredibly beautiful, truly magical and a little bit unbelievable the result was :) Like a real Wedding Fairy you managed to catch and keep all the most vivid emotions and details of our trip, leaving off-camera unnecessary but peculiar probably to all weddings nerves and emotions. Almost a year has passed already but still, while watching the wedding album our hearts do not stop beating with delight and smiles never leave our lips. Thank you for making our Hawaiian adventure really unforgettable! :)