Alena & Tolik



Getting ready to our long expected wedding I new perfectly well who will be our photographer. This person could be only you, Vera!!! But my admiration of Vera’s works is one thing …I should proof my choice to my close ones and especially to my fiance who delves into every detail in regards to quality )))))))))) I can say only one thing to you Vera, when we got a precious disc my husband said – She exclusively perfect finds the moment then to push the button )))))))))))))) I was so calm and sure, all relatives and close friends… everybody who even glanced at our pictures got completely in love with them…. Do you know what their expressions were like? … Pictures are like from glamorous magazine….. that is so stylish ….cool))) or incredible we can’t recognise you here you are like movie stars and so on and so worth…. I can continue and continue

THANK YOU so much…You are Genius …opps I think I’ve said that before ?)))))) and another thing…for future brides, Vera can perfectly well choose a team with same kind of talent in their sphere including amazing florists, creating visagiste and many others…so you just can sit down and relax ))))))))))!